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BCBC Eco Consulting Ltd

Renovation Upgrade Service 
    • The purpose of the RUS is to assist homeowner and renovators with renovation strategies that can result in energy savings, financial savings, improved comfort and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

    • The intent is to develop upgrade recommendations based on input from the homeowner and the information about the house collected during the Basic Service.

    • This service provides the energy advisor with the opportunity to educate the homeowner by explaining the benefits of each proposed upgrade and the way these upgrades should be prioritized

    • The upgrade recommendations are presented in the form of a roadmap. The homeowner is provided with multiple output formats for understanding the energy advisor’s recommendations:

      • A visual roadmap graphic

      • A table summarizing individual and cumulative energy savings

      • Recommendations that include target efficiency levels

      • Rationale statements for each recommendation

      • Details on key aspects of each recommendation

      • Links to other sources that will help the homeowner learn more about the recommended upgrades

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